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"Whatever" stuff

Click here for the 1955 MHS yearbook in pdf format
You can view it here, and you can also download it and print it on your home computer,
or take the file to Office Depot or Staples and have them print it.
(NOTE: It's a big file, 39mb.  Takes a long time to load.)

Click here for CLASS OF 1955 SENIOR TRIP

2005 Reunion pics
click here for 2005 reunion pictures from Cliff
click here for 2005 reunion pictures from Nancy

(click on all pics to enlarge)

 and here's a picture of some of the group that hung around Sunday for more visiting at the Best Western in El Reno.

We had some leave early, and some arrived later.  We took this pic before Zee had to catch a plane.  Robert Miller arrived after Carlene and Marvin Sanders left. 
Lawd lawd!!!!!  The tales that Cliff told, especially after most oft the rest left, and it was just Cliff, Bob C., Robert M., and Marvin W.!!!!  

I think everyone truly enjoyed getting back together after 50 years.  I know I did.

Click on this:
Cliff's Poems and Some Songs Written to His Poems

Cliff's Navy Life

Here's some more random "stuff"

Click on pictures to enlarge

Class of 1955 boys.

This is probably the 5th grade, but possibly the 6th.

Duplicate pictures were provided to each boy by David's parents.  David was the Baptist preacher's son. 

Front:  David ?, Duane/Robert/Bob/Sonny/Whatever 
Back: Marvin Woodworth, Jerold Barnard, Ray Ventris, Ross "Cappy" Burchfield, Ron Merritt, Cliff Barnard                         

Early 1951, 8th grade, spring semester.  We had just moved from the partitioned auditorium to the new grade school building.  And Mr. ? was telling us "You're just about at the end of your rope!"

The roof of the lunch room is barely visible between the high school and grade school.   The lunch room was the former Beaver Creek school house from NE of town.

The 2nd story of the old grade school had been recently lopped off.


From the May 22, 1955 Chickasha Express:

Zee Bryant in her working days

Cliff Barnard and older brother Thomas

Carlene and Marvin on their 50th wedding anniversary

Jane Hiskett Foreman in the 8th grade.  (Teachers
plotting against us in the background.)

There are more of our special fraternal order that for various reasons went elsewhere
in our senior year, but have always remained a part of
the "The Class of 1955". 
Here are pages from the Junior year book of our people.

For our senior pics, see class-1955.jpg

And sadly, we have had twelve from our exclusive "Class of 1959" club depart from us.  
Departed ... but definitely not forgotten