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    The second annual banquet of the Association, composed of ex-graduates of Minco high school, was held in the high school auditorium Friday evening, May 24th. Two hundred and three ex-graduates, their husbands and wives attended the fete.
    The class of 1930 was in charge of the decoration, and the school colors of purple and gold were carried out in the table and stage decorations. Small boats constructed of cardboard and covered with purple and gold bronze paper masts of candles and class numerals on their prows formed the centerpiece of each table from '17 to '34. The graduating class of this year had as its table decoration a large boat of wire whose sides were covered by fresh pansies, carrying out the color scheme. Two large gold candles with cellophane sails completed a most realistic ship effect. Potted plants, ferns and bowls of seasonal blossoms were tastefully arranged around the walls and stage of the banquet hall.
    As the group came into the room, the effect of candlelight on silver and linen gave a regal mellow beauty to the scene. The toastmaster, Supt. J.E. Peery, immediately took charge and a most interesting program began.
    The crew sang songs of the sea, a gob and gobette gave an excellent imitation of Cab Calloway and a rag-doll dance; four lonesome tars rendered a chantey; an old pirate (Fred Phelps) spun yarns of yesterday; two sailor's sweethearts sang a duet; Roy Kunkle of the Shawnee high school music department, gave his favorite song "The Barefoot Trail" a thrilling and beautiful treatment. E.T. Foster of Oklahoma City, told of things that happened and things to happen.
    The chairman, Alex Woodworth, spoke at length and wound up the business session of the gathering with the election of officers. Samuel McAdams was elected Chairman for the ensuing year and Charles Stephenson continued his post of secretary and treasurer.
    The banquet was prepared, and served by the Presbyterian Ladies Auxiliary, in four lovely courses. All in all, this was perhaps the most thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining banquet ever held in the town of Minco. At least to date, there has been no adverse comment, and the majority of- those present report an especially interesting time. Those present were: Supt. and Mrs. J.E. Peery, Mrs. Viola Roysden Class Ma '28; Frank Wall, Class Pa 25; Chester Halley, Class. Pa 26; B. Wall,.Class Pa 28; Lena I. Benda and T. P. Quayle, Class Ma and Pa '29; Mrs. T.P. Quayle and Marvin Woodworth, Class Ma and Pa '30; O.E. Esties, Class Pa '32; Scholum Scoggin and wife, Class Pa '33, Bill Woodworth, Class Pa '34; Martha Hill and Charles Stephenson, Class Ma and Pa 35.
    Ex-graduates present were:  Idella Robbins, Chester Halley, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Woodworth, class of  '17; Ada Chitwood, Victor Noxon, Mr. and Mrs . L.D. Gilbert, class of  '18; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Scoggin, class of  '19; Mrs. Pearl Crickard, Mrs. 
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Gertrude Frey, Mr. And Mrs. Frank Wall, class of 20;  Mrs. Letha Sage and Lola Sims, class of  '21; Mrs. Florene Pinkston McNees, class of  22; Miss Dollie Arthur;. Mrs. Chester Halley, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Osborn, Mrs. Roy Bassett, Erma Marlow, Ira Mae Johnson, Eugene Pope, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hill; class of `23; Roy Basset, Mrs.Frank Unruh, Mrs. Gladys Daggs, Mrs. Elva Foster, Ethel Locke, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gilmore, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Woodworth, class of '24,..Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Brenson, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Tracy, Mr. and. Mrs. Roy Keen, Buna Hae Hurley, Mrs. Thelma Totoro, Russell Loomis, Mrs. Claude Ferguson, Margie McAdams, Mrs. Lewis Waterberry and Philip Froneberger, class of 25, Wilma Ferguson, Roy Kunkle, Fern Marlow, Odessa Chitwood and Henry Mozer, class of. '26, Broneta Davis, Haskell Dobbs, Louise Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. Vaulx Watson, Mrs. Lawrence Brown, Mrs. Eugene Pope, Mr. and Mrs. Loy Masters, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Down, Mrs. Iva Wllhite, Katherine Chitwood, Mrs. Phillip Froneberger, Pearl Mottesheard, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kittley and Charles Stephenson, class of '27, Anton Dobry, Louise Groskoff, Mr, and Mrs. Dwight Bass, Jesse Parrish, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Phelps, Mrs. Henry Moser and Mrs. Bonnie Edmonston, class of 128; Cleatus Fitzgerald, Maurine Grant, Archie Groff, Sam McAdams, Arlie Parrott, Alta Marjorie Stephenson, Hazel Merritt, Mrs. Nettie Caurer, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Durnell, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Hurley, class of '29; Bill Hale, Cheat Mears, Rudolph Knippelmier, Mildred McAdams, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Meeks, Robert Wynns, Lula Barber, Murell Nickels, Ernest Spencer, William Watt, Nellie Charlton, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Meeks, class of '30; Lawrence Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hill, Francis Pravdik, Glen McCormick, Blanche Beatty, Herbert Starkey, Mable Krey, Randall Hurley, Louise Martin, Everett Markle, Vera Hatcher, class of '31; Virgil Gorham, Martin Rowe, Marie Douglas, Robert Lauderdale, Elmer Kilgore, Erma Beatty, Robert Phelps, Marjorie Rhea McMahan, Audry Hill, Byrdene Bomgardner, Bernice Branum, Hallie Lauderdale, Anna Betche, Helen Watt, class of '32; Newton Cooper, Howard Watson, Raymond Knippelmier, Glen Rogers. Francis Wilson, Ival Hardy, Walter Knippelmier, Harold Bush, Joe Fitzgerald, Dale Rowe, Fred Watt, Mrs. Haskell Dobbs, Patrick Phelps, class of '33; Lenora Grant, Lester Douglas, Loleta Lee Morrison, Gordon Matheny, Mildred Thayer, Elizabeth Coffey, Ivan Hardy, Edmund Dobry, Josephine Dobry, Kenneth Brown, Geneva Lacy, Letress Hatcher, Ruth Acton, Avis Durnell, Joy Bryan, Vona Pinkston, Harold Peery, Wilma Locke, Oleta Dyke, class of '34; Cecil Dare, Louise Phelps, Lucy Brown, Grace Starkey, Sallijo Wilson, Henry Walje, Kenneth Copelin, Bryant Verser, Wade Caves, Peary Reynolds, Flossie Johnson, Howard Ingram, Nondia Howell, Oscar Knippelmier, Travis Jolly, Lloyd Baker, Jesse Johnson, Wilma Johnson, Eula Freeman, Paul McClure, Virgil Scott, Hazel McComas, Uzilla Roles, Freddie McConnell, Zelma Hardy, Etta Black, Gail Bomgardner, class of '35.

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