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     The third annual banquet of the Alumni Association, composed of graduates of Minco High School, was held in the Minco high school auditorium Friday evening, May 22nd. Two hundred and five ex-graduates, their husbands and wives attended the fete.
     The class of 1931 was in charge of decorations. A Beach Party was the motif used in the scheme of decoration. A fish net of blue crepe paper covered the banquet tables, gold lifesavers for napkin rings, boats and fish to give the impression of a nautical scene, made the various classes feel the atmosphere of sailing onward through life as the sands of time ran swiftly through the glass.
     Superintendent and Mrs. J.E. Peery led the grand march, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Morgan, former superintendent. After the group arrived at their places, Marvin Woodworth delivered the invocation, followed by the Chairman, Sam McAdams, who in turn presented the toastmaster, J.E. Peery.
     The Alumni sang songs of fellowship, heartily applauded the vocal solos of Miss Alice Gentry and Edwin Dare; listened with a great deal of amusement and interest to the remarks of J. W. Morgan, concerning the antics of the original classes of Minco High School. Alex Woodworth, graduate of the first class, welcomed the class of 1936 into the Alumni association, and Merle Choice graciously responded to that welcome.
     The toastmaster called for impromptu speeches from Bus Wall and Hugh Fry.
     The election of officers was held with the mantle of chairman for the next year failing on the broad shoulders of Frank Wall and Charles Stephenson as secretary and treasurer.
      The Presbyterian Ladies Auxiliary served the banquet in four courses. Following the banquet a group made up a theatre party at a preview, while others attended a graduates dance in the Hume Hall.
     Everyone left with the feeling that they had spent a most Interesting and exceptional evening, vowing to be in attendance at each greater and finer banquet in coming years.

The following were present:

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Peery and son, Jim; Wlllma Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Durnell, Mr. and Mrs. Sam McAdams, W.A. Woodworth, Mr. and Mrs. O.E. Estes, Mrs. H.O. Spangler, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hill, Rudolph Knipplemier, Walter Knipplemier, Perry Reynolds, Oscar Knipplemier, Virginia Scott, Elizabeth Coffey, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Phelps, Paul McClure,

Mr. and Mrs. Cheat Mears, Randell Hurley, Lucy Brown, Wade Caves, Alta Marjorie Stephenson, Pete Norris, Ernest Spencer, Avis Durnell, Anna Beth Benda, Harold Bush, Mr. and Mrs. M.L. McFarlln, Imogene Compton, Agnes Ann Salzman, Russel Loomis, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Malcom. Arlene Bartling, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Baker, Howard Ingram, Glen McCormick, Eunice McCormick, Vera Mae Daggs, Marie Douglas, Delbert Dyke, Lena I. Bendas, Charles Stephenson, Francis Pravdlk, Junior Branum, Bernlce Branum, Zalma and Ivan Hardy, Robert Lauderdale; Etta Black, Archie Groff, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Eubank, Newton and McFoster Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Basstee, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Morgan, Lulu Barber, Uzilla Roles, Mrs. Geo. Downey, Lola Sims, Margie McAdamns, Wilma McDaniel, Robert and Louise Phelps, Buck and Gordon Matheny, Mr. and Mrs. T.P. Quayle, Dolly Arthur, Nellie Charlton, Lester Douglas, Marjorie Rowe, Robert Wynns, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Tracy, Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Rudolph, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kittley, Jim Conn, L.E. Betche, Audry Hill, Bronita Davis, Don Pinkston, Joy Bryan, Juanita Davis, Lena Studebaker, Eddie Morrissey, Vona Pinkston, Elmer Kilgore, Mr. and Mrs. Loy Masters, Bonnie Edmonston, Ray Oaks, Merle Choice, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Krey, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Pope, Erma and Blanche Beatty, Herbert Starkey, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hefner, Mr. and Mrs. Dayle Shilling.

Susie Mae Williams, Joe Fitzgerald, Polk Wall, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Clark, Freddie McConnell, Frank Edmonston, Majorie Rhea McMahan, Marvin Woodworth, Bug McMahan, Geneva Lacy, Bus Wall, G.A. Hughes, Wilma and Hugh Ferguson, J.E. Dobbs, Mr. and Mrs. Dutch Markle, H.B. Scoggin, Idella Robbins, Clenard Wegener; B. Wall, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wall, Mrs. Allen Plank, Louis Groskoff, Edwin Dare, Mrs. T. Thompson, Mrs. James Cavenor, Hazel Merritt, James Strain, Chief Parrish, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Ferguson, Ethel Locke, Verne Denning, Buna Mae Hurley, Troy Burroughs, Dr. and Mrs. E.F. Loomis, Patsy and Earl Robinson, Virgil and Ruth Acton, Mr. and Mrs. G.B. Hurley, Tom Pinkston, Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Charles Lindsay, Mrs. CF. Parrot, Harold Peery, Wilma Locke, Mr. and Mrs. Haskell Dobbs, Mrs. Alma Loomis, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Benda, Mr. and Mrs. J.F. McCombs, Geneva Dewy, Cecil Dare, Letha Scoggin, Mr. and Mrs Kenneth Dorn, Mrs. Marvin Woodworth, Mrs. M.L. Wakefield, Arlie Parrott, Bill Hale, Erma and Fern Marlow, Florene McNeese, Mr. and Mrs. B.M. Salver, Ernest Parrott, Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Parrott, Cleatus Fitzgerald.


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