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 The fourth annual banquet of the Minco High School Alumni Association was held in the auditorium Friday night with 72 present. The Starlight motif was carried out in the decorations of the evening. Gayly colored Balloons added much to the beauty of tables. Miss Marjorie Rhae McMahan and J. P. (Junior) Branum were in charge of this work. After the banquet was served the following program was given:
      Introduction of speakers, J.E. Peery; reading, Wilma McDaniel; vocal solo, Edwin Dare; tap dancing, Garnet Hill and Deloris Short; reminiscences, J.W. Morgan, and Hugh Fry.
    A business meeting followed at which the following officers were elected: Fred Phelps, president; Chas. Stephenson, secretary-treasurer; G.B. Hurley, chairman publicity committee; Cecil Bush, chairman decoration committee; Newton Cooper, chairman banquet committee; class '33 chairman program committee.
    Following is a list of those in attendance: Elizabeth Downey, Mrs. H. Fry, Mrs. Pearl Crickard, Avanell Dyke, Delbert Dyke, Mrs. Gladys Daggs, Junior Branum, L.E. Betche, Clenard Wagener, Alex Woodworth, Mrs. Alex Woodworth, Newton Cooper, MacFoster Cooper, Agnes A. Salzman, Violet Roles, J.E. Dobbs, Alta Marjory Stephenson, Hazel Merritt, Elton Howe, Ernest Parrott, Bill Hale, Mrs. Sam Neff. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kittley, Mr. and Mrs. B.M. Salyer, Mr. and Mrs.  G.B. Hurley, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Hurley, Shorty Erwin, Mr. and Mrs. Haskell Dobbs,  (contd)

 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Totoro, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Spencer, Cheat Mears, Gordon Matheny, Arlie Parrott, Wade Caves, Esta Caves, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Roysden, Merle Choice, Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Rudolph, Ralph Matheny, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Johnson, Etta Black, Pearl Kerlick, Florence Carroll, Francis Pravdick, Marjorie McAdams, James Herndon, Mrs. James Herndon, Dolly Arthur, Loyd Baker, Mrs. Lenora Baker, Mr. and Mrs F. Wall, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mozer, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Durnell, Edwin Dare, Marjorie Rowe, Ruth Acton, Louis Groskoff, Wilma McDaniel, Patrick Phelps, Louise Phelps, Lula Barber, Juanita Hill, Anna Beth Benda, Mrs. L. Benda, Cecil Bush, Mrs. Verna Myers, Jessie Fae Cruze, Bill Elliott, Polk Wall, Mr. and Mrs. Randell Hurley, Joe Fitzgerald, Estella Morris, Camila Hurley, Deloris Short, Elenor Henderson, Avis Durnell, Geneveive Ridge, Curley McFarlin, Robert Phelps, Archie Groff, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Markle, Mrs. Dick Krey, Mrs. L.T. Coffey, Agathy Schaefer, Ernest Dobry, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Woodworth, Lola Sims, Maurine Grant, Pauline Thorn, Sylvia McClure, Vona PInkston, Paul McClure, Grace Starkey, Elmer Kilgore, Hugh Ferguson, Mrs. Louise Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Ingram, Derrell Eubank, Mr. and Mrs. Tod Davis, 0.E. Estes, Glen Rogers, Iva Ruth MeNeil, Maxine Leach, Virginia Lauderdale, Juanita Davis, Marjorie Rhae McMahan, Mr. and Mrs. Merl Brady, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hill, Alma Loomis, Mrs. Marion Hill, Roberta Johnson, ....(paper illegible)...tola Looney, H.B. Scoggin, Harold Perry, Wilma Locke, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stewart, Hugh Fry, Mamie Fry, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Peery, Idella Robbins, Geneva Dewey.

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