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    A large crowd filled the Minco High School Auditorium to overflowing Friday night, May 27, when the Alumni Association held the fifth annual banquet for graduates of Minco High School.
   Blue and gold banners with the class numerals from 1917 to 1937 hung from the ceiling and from the center of the auditorium a great banner of blue silk, fringed with gold, bearing the large number 1938, for the incoming class, dominated the decoration scheme.
     The two long tables on either side of the room and the 30 bridge tables in the center were covered with blue and gold, with vases of green fern and colorful flowers, spaced at irregular intervals. J.E. Peery, superintendent of schools, and toastmaster, spoke to the group on their responsibility to the community, the state and the nation, welcoming them back to their old school. Mrs. Marvin Woodworth led the group in singing several songs and then the chairman, Fred Phelps, of Marlow, presented Roy Kunkle of Duncan, who gave two excellent vocal selections. A number of short talks were given by various members of the association and Edwin Dare sang two songs that were received with great applause. G.B. Hurley of Chickasha was elected chairman of the association for 1938-39 and Charles Stephenson was re-elected secretary and treasurer. The group voted on a motion made by Marvin Woodworth, "That those who had finished the work given by the school before 1917 be included in the Alumni Association. They also voted to send flowers to the founder of the organization, Alex Woodworth, who is ill. The banquet was served by members of the 1933 class with Newton Cooper as chairman. Following adjournment a number of the graduates attended a dance sponsored by Charlie Hurley in the Hume Hall.
    Graduates, faculty, and guests attending were:  J.E. Peery,  superintendent of Minco School, Mrs. J. A. Peery, principal, Bob Osborn, county superintendent, and Mrs. Osborn of Chickasha, Marietta Copelin, Raymond Knippelmier, Oscar Knippelmier, Sylvia, Lucille and Paul McClure,  Louis Groskoph, Glen McCormick, Arlene (contd)

Bartling, Geneva Dewy, Walter Knippelmier, Grace Starkey, Elmer Kilgore, Camilla Hurley, Lula Barber, Nevely Savage, Herbert Starkey, Pauline Anderson, Vermadine McMullen, Maurine Grant, Louise Phelps, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mozer, Pat and Robert Phelps, Mr and Mrs. Vaulx Watson, Mr. and Mrs. Elva T. Foster, Mrs. Lena Benda, Velma Knippelmier Idella Robbins, Mrs. Ross Ferguson, Florence Carrol, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wall, Willis and Kenneth Wegner, Mary Ann Eden, Earl Pinkston, Lenora Baker, Charlie Hurley, Marjorie Rowe, Vona Pinkston, Mr. and Mrs. T.P. Quayle, Ira Mae Johnson, Robert Lauderdale, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Phelps, Velma Rae Mottesheard, Raymond Fitzgerald, Estella Morris, Iva Ruth McNeil, Elinor Henderson, Mr. and. Mrs. Ward Roysden, Manny and Zelma Hardy, Mr. and Mrs. Tod Davis, Dr. and Mrs. 0.M. Johnston, Charles Stephenson, Junior Branum, Hugh Ferguson, L.D. Froneberger, Mr. and Mrs. Randall V. Hurley, Alta Marjorie Stephenson, Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Wegner, Mrs. Dave Black, Juanita Steelman, Clenard Wegener, Robert Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Markle, Juanita Jensen, Flo Ingram, Edith McMullen, Dolly Arthur, Edwin Dare, Susie Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Bass, Myrtle Willis, Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Halley, Margie McAdams, Jack D. Green, McFoster Cooper, Levern Dewey, Herschel Choice, Mrs. Ben Melton, Mr. and Mrs. Scholem Scoggin, Roy Kunkle, Marle Howell, Juanita Davis, Mr. and Mrs. John Barber, Audry and Garnet Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Haskell Dobbs, Kathlene Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. B.M. Salyer, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Meeks, Arlie Parrott, Mrs. Opal Downey, Mrs. Lova Spangler, H.B. Scoggin, Avanell Dyke, O.E. Estes, Curley McFarlin, C.E. Erwin, Ruth Gilliland, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. McCombs, Mr. and Mrs. G.B. Hurley, Jesse Parrish, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Johnson, Newton Cooper, Mrs. Dick Krey, Mrs. Reno Merritt, Mrs. Albert Schnabel, Maxine Leach, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Fisher, Harold Bush, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Mr. Tracy, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stewart, J.E. Dobbs, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Ferguson, Gordon Matheny, Mrs. Mildred Eubank, Hazel Merritt,Ralph Matheny, Buddy Parrott, Mrs. Gail Hefner, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Ingram, Darrell Eubank, Vera Mae Daggs, Margaret Luelemeyer, Clara Mozer, Bill Hale, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Woodworth, Helen Stewart, Junior Branum, Elton Howe, Ernest Parrott, Frances Pravdik, Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Cheat Mears.

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