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Minco High School Alumni meeting as reported in the May 31, 1934 Minco Minstrel.
The style of writing suggests the article was written by newly elected alumni president
 W. A. (Bill or Alex) Woodworth,  class of '17, with input from his brother Marvin.
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    The first annual reunion of the graduates of the Minco High School held last Friday night, May 26th, in the high school auditorium, was hailed as a grand success. One hundred and forty one attended. Credit for this large attendance can be attributed to the publicity committee: Matt Wall-Hill, '23, Marjorie McAdams, '25 and Sam McAdams 29.
      Unanimous accord in all proposals tends to show the loyalty and willingness of the former students of the local school in organizing for mutual interests. One hundred per cent positive votes were made to organize for a permanent annual reunion, to work in harmony and accord with the school administration at all times and present the Presbyterian Auxiliary and waiters with thanks and appreciation for the splendid banquet and service.
    Decorations were carried out in the High School colors with an abundance of beautiful flowers adding much to the very fine arrangements. Trophies, banners and flags appropriately placed about the hall vouched for victories won for M.H.S. The class of 1934 furnished the engineering ability for the decorations in the persons of Lenora Grant, Mildred Thayer and Wilma Locke.
    The program committee, headed by Mrs. J. E. Peery and aided by Alta Marjorie Stephenson, '29 and Maurina Grant '29, managed to furnish a program full of surprises and talent. Toastmaster J. E. Peery. the Superintendent of the local school for the past fourteen years ably directed from his point of vantage. His very accurate knowledge enabled him to make understanding introductions of the class speakers. J. W. Morgan, who was superintendent at the time of the first graduating class of 1917 gave an interesting short history of his labors in establishing Minco on the accredited school list and introduced the speakers of the three classes that graduated under his administration.
    Hugh Fry, who is now the Manager of the Southwest District of the Bell Telephone Company, and lives at Altus, represented the first graduating class and was given the honor as main speaker being allowed 10 minutes of time. Ancient incidents were disclosed much to the embarrassment of the other class mates present. Other class representatives ably recounted the important incidents of their respective years and it would appear all that was learned in school did not come out of books. The talks were made more pleasant by special music by some of the talented graduates.
    The reports have it that the class of 1917 had the largest percentage present with the 1934 class having the greatest number.
    The following program was rendered:

   Invocation ____Marvin Woodworth
   Dedication ____Mrs. M. Woodworth
   J.W. Morgan____Talk on class of 17 and introduced Hugh Fry, president of the class.
   Class Talks____Hugh Fry, Ada Chitwood, Mrs. Lucille Baker-Halley
   Piano duet____Mrs. M. Woodworth and Alta Marjorie Stephenson
   Class Talks____Leatha Aber-Scoggin, Margie McAdams, Bus Wall, Charles Stephenson.
    Quartette____Chester Halley, Randall Hurley, Russell Loomis, Haskel Dobbs
   Class Talks____Fred Phelps, Mrs. Phelps-Durnell, Randall Hurley, Bernie Robertson.
    Class Talks____Cecil Bush, Cordon
  Piano Solo____Louis Groskoff, Matheny.
    Piano Solo____Mrs. Leatha Aber-Scoggin.

Election of Officers

   Alex (Bill) Woodworth, chairman; Chas. Stephenson, secretary-treasurer.
   Meeting for 1934 was voted to be held Friday night of week following graduation exercises. Early registration for banquet urged

   Committees Appointed

   Publicity-Class of 1935.
   Program-Class of 1925.
   Decoration-Class of 1930.
   Banquet--Class of 1920.
                (continued next column)

    Name Committee--Purpose of this committee is to select names to bring before the next meeting for adoption as a name for the organization, and is composed of Hugh Fry and Matt Wall-Hill.
   Ring Committee Victor Noxon, Sam McAdams and Veta Johnson. This committee is to make designs, plans and other arrangements leading toward a standardized ring for graduation classes of Minco High School, thus cutting expenses to students and making a uniform insignia for the school.

Dismissal by Benediction.

    Arrangements had been made with Mr. Hudgens, manager of the Royal Theatre, to run a preview show for the graduates, half of the proceeds going to the Auxiliary serving the banquet. But due to the late hour it seemed inadvisable to follow out these plans. Thanks anyhow, Mr. Hudgens.

    It is believed that next years reunion will be an event looked forward to, and plans are already under way to make it a bigger surprise than this and even better chances to swap yarns and tell some untold stories, even though somewhat changed with age.

    The class Ma's and Pa's were on the job taking care of the kids, and that is no small job. Their loyalty is worth a lot and means much to the youngsters.

    Following is a list of graduates present:
    1934--Lucille Starkey, L. E. Betche, Mildred Thayer, Lester Douglas, Lenora Grant, Elizabeth Coffey, Josophine Dobry, Edmond Dobry, Vona Pinkaton, Geneva Lacy, Wilma Locke, Harold Peery, Sadie Mae Hume, Gordon Matheny, James McNeil.
    1933--Raymond Knippelmier, Pat Phelps, Homer Morrow; Marshall Clabourne, Joe Fritzgerald, Veta Johnson, Mrs. Richard Krey, Harold Bush, Ernest Dobry, Elias Dobry, Walter Knippelmier, Glen Rogers, Dale Rowe, Milton Andrews.
    1932--Robert Lauderdale, Elmer Kilgore, Newton Cooper, Kenneth MCComas, Robert Phelps, Bernie Robertson, Mary Ellen Guthery, Bernice Branum, Francis Bosley, Marjorie Rhae McMahan, Martin Rowe, Mrs. William Watt, Erma Beaty.
    1931--Glen McCormick, Hallie Lauderdale, Randall Hurley, Everett Markle, Mrs. Walter. Schaeffer, Francis Pravdick, Blanche Beaty.
    1930--Ernest Spencer, Lula Barber Robert Wynns, Rudolph Knippelmier Theodore Thompson, William Watt, Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Salyer, Mrs. K. W. Hubbard, Cheat Mears.
    1928--Fred Phelps, Mrs. Henry Mozer, Hazel Merritt, Anton Dobry, Mrs. Bonnie Edmonston, Jessie Parrish, Mr. and Mrs. Winfred McConnell, Mrs. Gladys Reed, Louis Groskoff.
    1927--C. L. Stephenson, Virgil Acton, Haskel Dobbs, Mrs. Raymond Kittley, Katheryn Chitwood, Mrs. Ray Masters, Mrs. Phillip Froneberger, Mrs. Tod Davis, Mrs. Louise Ferguson.
    1926-- Henry Mozer, Bus Wall, Wilma Ferguson, Odessa Chitwood.
    1925--Mrs. W. F. Rudolph, Russell Loomis, Mrs. Gertrude Branson, Ray Masters, Phillip Froneberger; Shelby Parrot, Margie McAdams, Mrs. Ted Tracy.
    1924-Marvin Woodworth, Mrs. F: Unruh, Elva Foster, Clyde Acton, Roy Basset.
    1929--Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hodges s Alta Marjorie Stephenson, Mrs. J.T. Durnell, Maurine Grant, Archie Groff, Mrs. Clarence Hefner, Mr. and Mrs. Sam McAdams, Arlie Parrott, Ray Oaks, Cleatus Fitzgerald, Esta Lee Fitzgerald.
    1923--Mrs. Allen Hill, Mrs. Chester Halley, Mrs. Roy Basset, Dolly Arthur, Mrs. Ward Roysden.
    1921--Mrs. Fred Scoggin.
    1920--Frank Wall.
    1918--Ada Chitwood, V. A. Noxon.
    1917-Alex Woodworth, Chester Halley, Idella Robbins, Hugh Fry.
    Others who enjoyed the festivities of the evening, but were not graduates of the school were: Clarence Hefner, Mrs. Lillian Horn, Raymond Kittley, Mrs. Bus Wall, Ted Tracy, W.F. Rudolph, Allen Hill, Fred Scoggin, Mrs. Hugh Fry and Mrs. Frank Wall.



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