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Apr 30, 2017



The Former Building

Pictures show the original condition of the site now owned by the Society.  Unfortunately, the building had to be razed and demolished, as the roof had collapsed, and the walls were weak and cracked.  The site was the Minco Minstrel and dry cleaners of years ago.

The society's members had numerous work parties to clear away the site.  It was a lot of hard work.

The building, now demolished, owned by the Society.
The left 1/2 was the dry cleaners. Right 1/2 was the Minco Minstrel.
Nice building at first glance. Entrance ceiling had caved in.  The inside is a surprise.
Behind the building(s).

The trees and brush were cleared so we could get to the building.

Inside the door of the "vault".  Concrete roof modules had collapsed. Others sections of the roof was ready to fall.
Same small "vault" from other corner.. Doing a little "house cleaning"  with sledge hammer and shovel  -- breaking up the fallen concrete roof and removing it.
View from rear looking south toward the front of the building.   This was "inside" the dry cleaners!
There was a doorway between the cleaners and the Minstrel.  This was looking west into the cleaners.
Looking north inside the Minco Minstrel.  The printing press was still there under the rubble.
Looking south inside the Minstrel.
The glass entry door is on the left.


In the back yard again.  Two trees had to be removed to allow demolition and removal.
Rear of building.  The dry cleaners' "vault" is on the right and "Minstrel" on the left.

See next for how it looked during demolition.

The local domino club members warned of an "attack cat" that lived within the property, but it just glared at Society visitors.