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Apr 30, 2017



El Meta Bond College   A history of the college compiled by Diana Heser Morse of Wisconsin.  Her interest in the College came about when she found a picture of a relative included in a picture of women who were wearing sashes printed with "El Meta Bond College".

Minco named after a great Chickasaw chief and warrier.   The city of Minco is believed to be named after a great Chickasaw chief, Levi Colbert, or Itawamba Mingo, more properly Itawamba Minco.  The town was established by land donations from Montford Johnson, 1/2 Chickasaw, and his nephew C. B. Campell, when the Rock Island Railroad built south to the Minco area in 1892 to shorten the cattle drives headed north.

Do you remember?   Early Minco notes by Sandi Carter.

Interview with Mrs. C. B. Campbell  The wife of Minco's founder, C. B. Campbell, talks about her early life, including mention of Silver City.

Old News Articles About W. G. Williams  Some historical articles from the 1890s about Minco's first banker, W. G. Williams.

W. G. Williams Bio   An article about Minco's first banker.  Also a businessman and rancher.  Raised world renowned horses.  Buried in Minco's Evergreen Cemetery.

Another W. W. Williams Bio  More information on W. G Williams.

1893 Articles from the Minco Minstrel.  Miscellaneous news.

1894 Articles from the Minco Minstrel

1898 Articles from the Minco Monitor

1900 Articles from the Minco Minstrel

1901 Articles from the Minco Minstrel

1902 Articles from the Minco Minstrel

1905 Articles from the Minco Minstrel

1924 Articles from the Minco Minstrel

Brief memo on 1896 train robbery south of Minco.  (Scroll down to Oklahoma first, then scroll to Minco.)

Lem F. Blevins Interview - 1937    Excerpt:  Cowboys working on the Johnson and Campbell ranches got in a fight and one was killed.  Both ranches were between Minco and Tuttle, near the old town of Silver City.

Tales of Cloud Chief, OK, one of the areas served by Minco, end of the railroad line,  in the 1890s (Scroll down about 75 per cent for mention of Minco)

Indian Pioneer Days -- An Interview with H. M. Lindsay

Oklahoma map of 1890   This map shows that Minco was part of the Chickasaw Nation in 1890.

Map of Chickasaw Nation in 1895.   Shows Minco and other towns.

Web page for old Oklahoma maps    Links to numerous historical Oklahoma maps.

An abstract from an 1893 directory for Minco, as compiled for the Rock Island Railroad and other railroads  Tells what, but not all, businesses and businessmen were in Minco in 1893.  For example, it does not include the three-story Crescent Hotel.

Cemetery List of those buried in Silver City (in Grady county northeast of Tuttle, OK).   In 1890, Silver City was bypassed by the extension of the railroad which extended to Minco, eight miles to the west.  Silver City's buildings and townspeople, except for the cemetery, moved to Minco.

Early Grady County History,  by Meta C. Sager.  From the Chronicles of Oklahoma and written by the lady who started and operated Minco's El Meta Bond College.

The Two Cattle Trails  From the Chronicles of Oklahoma.  A 1936 collection of interviews of men familiar with the Chisholm and Texas Cattle Trails.

Nancy Duckworth Interview  A lady tells of passing through Silver City and Minco on way to elsewhere.  Tells of experiences with Indians of that time.

Bios of early Minco settlers   From the Chronicles of Oklahoma, "A History of the state of Oklahoma, 1908",  pages 170-180.

Bios of early Minco settlers (more)  From the Chronicles of Oklahoma, "A History of the state of Oklahoma, 1908",  pages 190-200.

H. M. Lindsay Interview.    A resident of Silver city in the 1880s, and Minco in the 1890s.

Mrs J. D. Lindsay Interview.  Another resident of Silver City in the 1880s, and Minco in the 1890s.   Her son, Charlie, became Minco's Rock Island railroad agent.

Silver City and Early Minco  (go to pages 211 thru 213 for Minco and Silver City comments)  "I (J. C. Malcom) and my father hauled the goods and the building to Minco, having no road. We started across the prairie picking our way but by the time we got through hauling we had a very good road" and more detailed history.

Census and Marriages in Early Oklahoma compiled by Mary Ellen Kinard.   Includes Minco and Grady County and others.

OKGenweb, Oklahoma Genealogy   Oklahoma genealogy resuources

Humorous memories - e-mail foward types

Oldies - remember these?