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Apr 30, 2017



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Newsletter #4
Minco Historical Society
Minco, OK      September 25, 2006

  1.   BUILDING STATUS:  We have a museum building!  40x60.  It is yet a shell, but is insulated and the ceiling and walls are useable “as is”.   We’ll have a 40x40 display area and a 20x35 preparation, storage, and display rotation area.  The work area partition can be moved back 10 feet for a 40x50 display area later when the exhibit area becomes crowded. 
The museum is insured. Next steps are to install electrical, plumbing, lights, heat & air, double sheet rock on east side to meet fire code, rest room, and a partition separating the rear work area.  Sidewalk with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) ramp will be installed at some point, possibly before the December Honey Festival.   Also, an attractive facade to dress up the front appears to be in the future.  

 2.  FINANCES:   Memberships, both regular and lifetime, and generous contributions have put our general fund at $7,221.81, and building fund at $7,555.56.    To bring in additional funding, the society is seeking grants and planning fund raisers.  One fundraiser in the works is a plan to sell personalized bricks which will be displayed at the museum.  A fundraiser that was successful last year was the “Road Show” at the Honey Festival.  We will have the “road show” again this year, and will have four evaluators this year as compared to one last year.

 3.  EXHIBITS and HISTORY:  Numerous items of interest have been pledged to the museum or acquired.  Some of these items are provided by distant people with Minco connections who have found the society’s web site.   For example, in the web site’s guest book, a recent entry remarking about a grand aunt’s memoirs of Minco led to acquiring the memoirs of a young Minco girl’s experiences as a student in El Meta Bond College, contact with Indians, and wild killer longhorns on the loose from huge cattle drives.   We found that the young girl’s father built many of the buildings in Minco, such as the bank and opera house and other businesses, and prestigious bank buildings and court houses in the state and later in Texas.  We found two of the girl’s sisters in a picture of El Meta Bond student actors, and learned that one sister was the organist for the Methodist Church.   The history of Minco keeps emerging as we follow up on opportunities and the help of many.

     For those desiring to donate exhibits, we won’t have a place to store the items until the building is near completion with electrical, A/C, etc.  However, photos of Minco and its people can be scanned, titled, and stored digitally at any time, or simply e-mailed if already scanned.   The society secretary has a portable scanner and laptop, and can travel to scan pictures without the picture leaving the owner’s home.

 4.  HONEY FESTIVAL:  The society will be in two places for the Dec. 2 Honey Festival:  The Senior Citizens Center with the Road Show and in the new building.   Photo exhibits will be in both locations.  Purpose of being in the unfinished building will be to show the public how far the museum has advanced.

 5.  GRAND OPENING:  At this point, we have no estimate on our grand opening.   We plan to have the museum open at least by the Minco High School reunion next May 26, 2007.

  6.  WEB SITE:  Detailed information is on the society’s web site at

 http://members.cox.net/mincohistoricalsociety  . 

 Prepared by:  Marvin Woodworth, Secretary 
Minco Historical Society, PO Box 624, Minco, OK 73059
e-mail:      mwoodworth@cox.net       PH 405-732-0527