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Apr 30, 2017



To download a printable version of Newsletter #5 in PDF format, click here.

Newsletter # 5
Minco Historical Society
PO Box 624, Minco, OK 73059 December 1, 2007

1. THE MUSEUM IS OPEN! After a summer and fall of hard work, the museum proudly opened with a dedication ceremony on October 20th. The museum is now open for business with regular hours. Hours are Thursday, Friday and Saturday, hours 10 AM to 3 PM. We will also open by appointment. Photos of the dedication event are on the reverse side. We thank all who have had any part in making this museum a reality.

2. CONSTRUCTION STATUS. The interior is complete except for minor details. We are now working on the front sidewalk where your personalized brick pavers will be laid. The city has removed the concrete and a sand support base spread. We also have a large metal sign in front with the name “Minco History Center”.
NOTE: The first order of personalized brick pavers has been submitted. Orders are now being taken for a second production run. Call for an order form, or see the historical society web site for guidance and to print an order form.

3. EXHIBITS: We now have the space to accept historical artifacts representing Minco’s history. If you have items to donate, please let us know or bring them by during business hours. In addition, photos and stories of Minco and its people are needed. While donated originals are nice, merely allowing us to make a digital copy of your photos are all that is needed. They can be brought by for copying when Marvin Woodworth is at the museum, or if one doesn’t want the photos out the home, then Woodworth can copy the photo on your kitchen table using computer equipment. Or very high resolution copies in digital form can be e-mailed to museum personnel.


4. MUSEUM ACQUISITIONS: Some of the more recent photo and book acquisitions, including the Homer Halverson photos and stories and the J B Pope picture collection, has been a copy of Sadie Mae (Hume) Brady’s copy of the unpublished book about C. B. Campbell, Minco’s founder, and an unpublished book from Jeanne Stepp about her aunt Meta (Chestnutt) Sager, the remarkable president of Minco’s El Meta Bond College. Both copies were acquired almost by accident. We don’t have the copyright, however, and can only provide them for reading.

5. FUNDING: Before the museum was built, there was concern about making the museum a lasting Minco institution. There is no question that this museum will remain in existence during the lifetimes of its present board of directors; however, the survival rates of other small museums has not been good. Our goal is to establish a healthy perpetual fund, similar to Minco’s cemetery, that will ensure that the museum remains supported throughout the ages despite lags in an annually paying membership. To this end, we will have periodic fund raisers and membership drives to ensure we stay well in the black. In addition to annual and lifetime memberships, and donations, we would also like to plant the idea that supporters can remember the museum with legacy contributions, which would help reduce inheritance taxes. Or donate appreciated stocks to avoid taxes. All such funds would go strictly to the museum itself and no staff, as the staff is volunteer only per bylaws. Donations are tax deductible as the museum and historical society is IRS 501(c)3 tax exempt. Tax number is available on request.

6. WEB SITE: See http:/www.minco-ok.com

PREPARED BY: Marvin Woodworth, Secretary
Minco Historical Society, PO Box 624, Minco, OK 73059
e-mail: mwoodworth@cox.net     PH 405-732-0527


Beautiful fall weather greeted the museum dedication ceremony




Chris gives recognition to contributors

Ribbon is cut by society’s youngest member

Well attended grand opening

Photo exhibits on west wall showing Minco rural life in the 1920s.

Jerry Johnson, Norma (Balke) Martinez, JenAnne Crist,Benny Avery, Raymond Wegner

Halverson descendants

Halverson descendants with our new sign.