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Minco's  "Minco Millennium" began publication in the summer of 1998, and readership has been increasing steadily.   Coverage includes special features as well as town news.  One of the paper's features, Marvin Brown and his birdhouses, caught the attention of Channel 4 and was in turn featured on its newscasts.





The "Minco Minstrel", until its last publication in December of 1999, was the
oldest newspaper in the state of Oklahoma.

Minco's earlier newspapers and years of publication since origin are as follows:

        Minco Minstrel 1890-1897, 190?-1916, 1921-1999   
        Minco Monitor 1892-1899 
        Minco Weekly 1899-1900
        Minco Herald 1916-1921 (note this time period fills in the Minstrel gap)

One can find microfilm copies of these papers in the Oklahoma Historical 
Society building, south of the state capital,  on the second floor.  Some of
these papers make for fascinating reading of shootouts and shenanigans.

If you'd like to keep up with Minco news, and support the Minco 
and its service to the community, here is subscription information:

Subscription, local:  
Subscripton, out-of-town: $35/year

        The Minco Millennium
        PO Box 239
        Minco, OK 75059

Publisher:  Kelly Rupp
E-mail:        minconews1@sbcglobal.net

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