Betty Woodworth’s "name tastes like" table

Betty was on HBO's "What on Earth" program in about 1980, was in the National Enquirer in 1981 under the title "Bizarre Medical Oddity", and in August 2008 was featured on Oklahoma City's Channel 5.  She has one of several forms of synesthesia, in that she tastes names as they are spoken, heard, or read.

For details about synesthesia, see bottom of page.


The following names to Betty taste as follows:

Aaron RC Cola
Abby/Abbey Rabbit stew with dumplings
Adrian Salt water
Aidan Potato peelings and vinegar
Al  No taste
Alaina Onion soup
Albert Aspirin
Alex Orange juice and cranberry sauce
Alexis   Orange juice and floor wax    (As Betty pondered the taste, she looked surprised and said,  "THAT's an unusual one".)
Alfred Aspirin and wet cloth
Alice Orange juice and cranberry juice
Allen Orange and cranberry juice
Allena Cranberry sauce
Allison Jellied cranberry sauce
Ally Cranberry sauce
Alton Salt water
Amanda Candy cane
Amnon (no taste)
Amy Potted meat and mayonnaise
Andrew Coke
Angela Angel food cake
Angie Angel food cake
Anita Potato peelings
Ann Coins in mouth
Annya Ann tastes like metal.  No taste for Annya.
April Purple violets  (She tasted them as a little girl)
Art Eraser
Arthur Vicks VapoRub
Asher Ashes
Ashleigh / Ashley   Ashes
Audrey  Salt water
Barbara Cherry cobbler
Bates Bacon and dates
Ben Tea
Bernice Coke
(pronounced "Bear ill")
No taste together, but separately "bear" tastes like cherry cobbler, and "ill" tastes like cornbread and milk.
Betty Hot dog
Beverly Chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream
Blanton  Roast beef and gravy
Bo   No taste
Bob Strawberries
Bonnie Biscuit dough
Brad  Boiled shrimp
Brantley Candy cane and canned peaches
Brenda Hot cinnamon roll
Brenlen Cinnamon roll and canned peaches
Brian Custard pie
Bruce RC cola
Bubba (no taste) 
Bunny Biscuit dough
Cal Sour milk
Calvin Milk toast with butter
Carl Oil
Carlene Motor oil
Carol Cooked carrots
Cassandra Salt water
Cathy Vicks
Cecile Pretzel
Charles Chili with no beans
Cheryl   Chocolate covered cherry
Christelle Rice Crispies and glass
Christi Rice crispies
Cindy Chocolate covered cherries
Claire Onion soup with bits of celery
Clifford Paper clips
Clint Modeling clay
Cody (no taste)
Colton Coal oil and salt water
Connie Pecan pie
Connor Pecan pie
Cooper Potato soup
Cora Green beans and vinegar
Cosmo Kool Aid out of the box (not mixed yet)
Crys / Kris / Chris Rice Crispies
Crystal Smooth piece of crystal
Dan Cranberry sauce
Dante First part tastes like coconut, but can't place the second part.
Darlene (no taste)
Dave Raw bacon
David Raw bacon
Davis Raw bacon
Dean Kidney bean
Deb Dumpling
Deborah Dumpling
Dee (no taste)
Democrats No taste. (Answer to question by interviewer "Democrats have no taste" was cut from HBO show she was on in 1979, but TV crew had a good laugh.).
Dena Red kidney bean
Derrick (no taste)
Desni Strawberry Kool Aid
Devery Orange sponge cake
Devin Turkey dressing
Diana/Dianna The last part tastes metallic.  The first part has a taste but she can't figure out what it is.  She says "Whatever it is, I haven't eaten it yet".
Diane (no taste)
Dolores Meat loaf
Don Coconut
Donald Coconut
Donna Coconut
Donny Shredded coconut
Dorothy Meat loaf
Dotaz (no taste)
Doug Leather
Durham (no taste)
Edith Potato peeling
Edward Aspirin
Edwin 7-up
Elaine French onion soup
Elena French onion soup mixed with vaseline
Elisa Orange juice with pulp
Elizabeth Strawberry Kool Aid granules out of the package
Ellen   Marshmallow
Ellis Cranberry sauce with no berries
Elmer Mashed potatoes with butter
Ema Grilled cheese sandwich
Emily  Grilled cheese sandwich
Endora Meatloaf
Eric Green beans
Evelyn Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream
Felicia Raspberry cake roll-up
Floyd Chewing on cloth
Fran Pancakes and syrup
Frances / Francis French toast with butter and syrup
Frank Sugar cookie with red icing
Fred Cotton twine
Gary Grape nuts
Gaylynne Chocolate cake and peaches
George Orange juice
Gigi Fig Newton
Ginette (pronounced gee net) Peanut butter and honey
Ginny / Gini Grilled cheese sandwich
Glen Peaches
Glenda French onion soup
Glenrose Peaches and rose petals and hot rolls
Gloria Floor wax
Gracie   Green grapes, peeled
Graham Graham cracker
Grant Grape juice
Hanna / Hannah Banana pudding
Hayley Salt water
Heather Sheep showers   ( see "Jill")
Helen Marshmallows
Hendricks (given name) Cooked cabbage with butter
Hillary Celery
Holly Cranberry sauce
Irene  Green beans
Hubert Orange sherbet
Isaiah Mush
Ivy Green leaf
Jack Carmel corn
Jaclyn Caramel corn
Jacob Salted nuts
Jalayne (no taste)
Jamal  Vanilla pudding
James Coins in mouth
Jan Cranberry sauce
Janet Banana pudding
Janice Banana
Jay Navy Beans
Jeanne / Gene Metallic
Jedidiah 7-up and dry cloth
Jeff Grilled cheese sandwich
Jennifer Vinegar
Jerel  Chocolate and cherries
Jeremy Cherries
Jerrie / Jerry Chocolate covered cherries
Jeryl   Chocolate cake with cherry icing
Jesse Grilled cheese sandwich
Jill Sheep showers  ( a small plant with yellow flowers)
Jim Sand
Jo/Joe Raisons
Joan Tea
Joann Orange juice
Joel Raisons
Johanne Waffle
John / Jon Waffle syrup
Johnathan Waffle with butter and syrup
Jonah Tea
Joseph Raisons
Josephine Raisins and Vicks Vaporub
Joy Orange juice
Joyce Orange juice
Judy Orange juice
Jules Fresh squeezed orange juice
June   Raison
Justin Green beans
Karen Cooked carrots
Karina Green beans and a little bit of vinegar
Katarina Icicle
Kate Chocolate cake rolled up with vanilla ice cream
Katherine Vicks Vapor-Rub
Katie Chocolate cake
Kay Chocolate cake rolled up with vanilla ice cream
Kaylea Canned peaches
Keith Metallic taste
Kellen  No taste at beginning of word but ends with a slight marshmallow taste
Kelly Cranberry sauce
Kerrie Grape nuts - lettuce and vinegar (She looked puzzled as she tasted this name)
Kesi (Kes see) Chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream
Kevin Dressing
Kiana Angel food cake
Kiel   (pronounced Kyle) Pie crust
Kim Tea
Kirsten (no taste)
Kristin Rice Krispy treats
Kyle    Pie crust
Kylie Cooked pie crust
Lacy Chewing on cloth
LaGrand  No taste
Lance Potted ham
Lannie Vanilla pudding
Larry  Lettuce and vinegar
Laura Lettuce and vinegar
Lauren Lettuce and vinegar
Lee Canned peaches
Lise (pronounced Lees) Peaches
Les Lettuce and vinegar
Lexie   Floor polish
Lillian Flower petal
Linda French onion soup
Lindsay Lemon pie filling
Lisa (no taste)
Liz Strawberry jello granules (out of the box)
Lokie Coconut
Lowell (no taste)
Louis Noodle soup
Lynette  Peanut butter and honey
Lynn Peaches
Madeline Aspirin
Maggie Wet newspaper
Makayla   Chocolate cake
Marcella   Marshmallow
Margaret Bacon rinds
Marie Green onions and vinegar
Marilyn Cooked carrots
Marion Lemon pudding
Marisa Sheepshowers
Maritza Potato peelings
Mark (no taste)
Marlene Raw eggs
Marvin Gunk in sink trap  (And that's why Betty calls her husband "Woody" instead)
Martin Don't know.  Has several tastes and one has a 7up taste.
Mary Lemon pie filling
Maurice   Three bean salad
Maryanne Lemon pudding and metallic
Matthew Wet newspaper
Maxine Floor wax
Megan Fig Newton
Melissa   Onion soup
Melvin Milk toast with butter
Mervin Gunk in sink trap (same as Marvin)
Michael Banana popsicle
Michelle Sheepshowers
Mike Banana popsicle
Miranda Peppermint candy cane
Missy   Onion soup
Mister (no taste)
Misty Daiquiri
Molly Macaroni and tomatoes (cooked)
Muriel Floor wax, and somehing else but can't recognize the taste so far
Mykel (pronounced like Michael) Banana popsicle
Nancy Snicker doodle
Nathan Potato peelings mixed with (something?)
Neysa (no taste)
Nick Latex with milk on it
Noelia  (Noel-ee-uh) Green beans
Norma Macaroni and tomatoes
Norman Macaroni and tomatoes
Orval Egg nog
Otto (no taste)
Padin Old time school adhesive paste used by school children in the 1940s.
Pam Vanilla pudding
Pat Biscuit dough
Pattie / Patty   Biscuit dough
Paul Vanilla malt ("Paul" is the word that taught her that other people don't taste names like she does.  At a pajama party she said "Don't you just love how the word Paul tastes like?  Tastes like a vanilla malt." "What?!!  You taste NAMES?!!!"   "Uh - no.  Just kidding."
Paula Vanilla malt
Penny Metallic
Peter Bread soaked in water
Phil Cream cheese
Phillip Chicken and dumplings
Phyllis Cream cheese
Pierre Apple pie
Rachel Spinach
Randy Candy cane
Raymond   "Ray" tastes like an eraser, and "mond" has a different taste but can't determine at present what it is.  (Added later):  "mond" tastes like fizz ... such as a seltzer fizz.
Reed Green beans
Ren'ee (and Renee) Eraser
Republican Cherry cobbler (hot)
Richard Cinnamon roll
Richie Cinnamon roll
Rita Potato peeling
Robert Mashed strawberries and cherries
Robin Mashed strawberries and cherries
Rod Cooked cherries

(See repeat query)->
Cooked cherries
(Months Later - with a repeat query:)
Strawberries and cherries mashed up.
Roger Smashed up strawberries and cherries
Ron Coconut
Ronald Coconut
Rose Rose petal and hot rolls
Rowan (Row-un) Hot yeast roll
Rudy Juicy fruit gum
Ruth Baby Ruth candy bar
Ryan French onion soup
Sadie Potato salad
Sally Potato salad with mustard
Sandra  Salt water
Sandrei  Salt water
Sarah Sorghum molasses
Sarge Peanut butter
Scott Kraft vanilla caramels
Shalyn  "Sha" has no taste, and "lyn" tastes like peaches
Sharon Chocolate covered cherries
Shaun Orange chiffon cake
Shelly Sheep showers
Sherrye Chocolate covered cherries
Shirley Hershey bar
Skip Kraft vanilla caramel
Sopharia (no taste)
Spencer Spinach
Steve Macaroni and tomatoes
Steven Macaroni and tomatoes
Street Can't figure out taste.  Strong peach taste with many other tastes thrown in.
Stuart Paint
Susan Honey
Suzy Honey
Sven (no taste)
Sylvia Floor wax
Talan   Vanilla pudding, but with kind of a caramel sauce mixed in with it.
Tamara Vanilla pudding
Taylor Boiled shrimp
Tessi Tootsie roll
Thaxton Cracker jacks
Theda Potato peelings
Thelda Milk toast
Thelma Rubbing alcohol
Theodor / Theodore Meatloaf
Theresa Orange juice
Thomas Peanut
Throckmorton Morton's potted ham
Timothy Hot tea
Todd Cooked mushrooms
Tom Peanut
Toni / Tony Macaroni with tomatoes
Torie   French toast
Tracy Eraser
Tram (no taste)
Twila Rubbing alcohol
Verda (no taste)
Vicki Vicks Vapor Rub
Viola Flower petal
Virgene Ginger bread
Vivian Potted ham
Walburga Waffle with nuts in it followed by hamburger meat
Walter Waffle, syrup, butter
Wanda 7-up
Wayne (no taste)
Whit Cotton cloth
Whitney Cotton cloth
William Cornbread and milk
Windy (no taste)
Wolfgang (no taste)
Woody Wood
Yolanda Sponge cake and 7-up
Yvonne Pecan pie
Zack Cracker jacks
Zee Rubbing alcohol
Zelma Navy beans

     The taste of names to Betty do not change over a lifetime.   Former grade school students of Betty's, now adults, try to trip her with blind requests, with Betty not aware of who is requesting to know what their name tastes like.  They're amazed that 25 or so years later, the taste of their names remains exactly the same.

      To request a name taste (first names only) not currently listed, send a request to her husband Woody Woodworth at and request "Please add (name) to your "name tastes like" page.

        Here's an article from 1982 about Betty's appearance on HBO and the National Enquirer.

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