Getting There
We had a "little" trouble getting to the Woodworth Reunion, which was to take place in
Stockton, CA.   As we approached mid-New Mexico, our ignition module went out.  Fortunately, we made it to Clines Corners, called AAA, and in the cool restaurant we waited for the wrecker.   At the wrecker's recommendation, he took us to a small garage, and we were fortunate.  The owner diagnosed the electronic problem, but it was too late in the day for the part to come in from Albuquerque.  The owners took us to a local Days Inn motel and picked up the next morning after repairing our van.  We were on the road again, but running about 8 hours behind.

Despite running 8 hours behind, Betty wanted some petrified wood.   This place had beautiful girls beckoning, so I turned off the Interstate.  How was I to know they were just manikins? 

(Click on pictures for enlarged views)

See, just manikins.  They were all over the place.
Even on dinosaurs.   Dinosaurs?
They had ostriches, too.
Note the beautiful girl on the flying dinosaur. (Below the flag and to the left.)
They really need to do something about this decoy car.  Some things haven't changed since the old rattlesnake places on old highway 66.
Betty is running berserk through the "stock room" with the salesman to select the perfect petrified wood rock.  She found one for "only" $80 after special discount.  But it was her own "mad money".

Then we proceeded to the Woodworth Reunion at Stockton.  We arrived in Stockton at 1:30 AM Pacific time.  (2:30 AM New Mexico time).