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 28 June 2001

14 May 2013



Turning off IE 6 Automatic Resize
 and AOL

Internet Explorer 6.0.   Some of the pictures on these pages are larger than the screen, so that you can scroll around the picture and see the intended details.  However, if you're using Internet Explorer 6.0, its default settings resize large, detailed pictures to fit the screen, depriving the viewer of information*.  You must reset your Internet Explorer to take advantage of the large, detailed pictures.  To do this, go to:

Start -> Settings -> Control Panel ->  Internet Options -> Advanced.  In the "Advanced" menu, remove the check from "Enable Automatic Image Resizing".

*Leaving the setting at "resize" does NOT speed downloading.  It downloads the entire file, no matter how large, and then shrinks the picture so you can't see what you need to see, or is too small when you want to print a web page.  This can be extremely frustrating on some web pages. 

AOL.  AOL's default is to compress pictures so they download faster;  however, the pictures look blurry and rippled.   To turn off the compression, go to:

Settings -> Preferences -> Internet Properties (WWW) -> Web Graphics.  Place a dot in "Never Compress Graphics".