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 28 June 2001

14 May 2013




Stroll Down Memory Lane

Remember 1957?


 50s and 60s Juke Box    The Farmington, NM class of 61 has their music back up!!  Better than ever.  And yes, Leota, it has Honky Tonk Part 2 by Bill Doggett.  100s of our era songs on what looks like a juke box. Selectable by specific song or continuous play.  GREAT!!!!

Continuous free streaming music from an internet radio station that you custom design  yourself.    EX: Type in "Jerry Lee Lewis" or "Coasters" in the artist block to listen to that style of music YA GOTTA DO THIS "STATION". IT'S GREAT STUFF.  (And due to new laws on expensive royalties, they're about to take it off the internet

Patchy's 50s music  (Streaming music from the late 50s)