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Class of 1952 (and 1953)

All pictures provided by Jerry Johnson, class of 53
(Jerry was in the class of 52, but membership in the 45th Division sent him and
several other '52 classmates to the Korean War area for a year's vacation in
Japan.  He made it back in time to graduate with the class of 53. )

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A lone cowboy rode into Minco.    His name?      JERRY JOHNSON

Class of 1952 as grade schoolers.
Class of 52  girls
Mr. Powell, music teacher

Jeannie and Polly Bush
Class of 1952 trip to Galveston, TX
Norma June Balke
Gerald Danley
Bill Goodwin and Bill Woodworth
Norma June
Norma June and Jerry
Who will help me clean my fish?   Who will ..... ?

Where did everybody go?

Jerry Johnson as aerial photographer; Bill Woodworth, aerial vehicle; and Conrad "Stormy" Wade, pilot.
Jerry's class of 53 Football Team


Front row:  Jerry Johnson, Corky Black, Ron Douglas, Richard "Peck" Lindsay, Gene Madden, Buddy Brown
2nd row: Gerald Walje, Stan Vickrey, Jim Coley, Clif Barnard, Ron Merritt, Phillip Walker, Johnny Wakefield, Jim Halley
3rd row: Robert Miller, Dale Browning, Jimmy Burger, Marvin Woodworth, Bob Bourassa, Jack Little, Ross McConnell
Back row:  Ernie McMullen, Bob Tumelson, Pat McComas, Reford Bassett, Dick Fedderson, Billy Willis
FFA Stock Show, Minco