There were actually two Woodworth reunions in 2004.  This photo gallery covers the July 17 reunion of the Woodworth Family Association, Inc., in Stockton, CA, as it was the only one I was able to attend due to a scheduling conflict.   The Woodworth Family of America (WFA) (not incorporated) had a reunion in June in Colona, CA,  

    The Woodworth Family of America, Inc., had a grand reunion July 17.  President Carl Webb figured there might be 35 people attending, but it kept growing until there were around 135 paid attendees.   I was most impressed with the smooth, efficient organization.  There was even transportation provided from the parking area to the meeting area.  A large number of drawing prizes were handed out.

     It is 1,620 miles from Midwest City, OK, to Stockton, CA, but it was worth the trip to finally be able to meet in person many of those I've only talked to by e-mail.   However, the disappointing part was that there was not enough time to make the rounds and meet everyone.  3 or 4 o'clock arrived and everyone started heading for home.

    Carl arranged to take portrait style pictures of everyone there, and they may show up later on a web site of his own, or in a publication, such as the quarterly "Woodworth Connections" produced by WFA, Inc.   In addition, he arranged to have digital scans of pictures and materials brought to the reunion by attendees for sharing.  There was also live music entertainment.  And the catered noon meal was excellent.

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