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      The 6th Annual Alumni Banquet of Minco High School met Friday night, May 26, 1939 with an attendance of 172.
     Of unusual interest to the Alumni this year were the added members of those who graduated prior to 1917.
     Special guests for the evening were Mrs. J.A. Sager, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Burleson, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Peery, and Rev. E.M. Walker.
     The following program was given during the evening:
     Group singing
     Invocation, Rev. E.M. Walker.
     Introduction of special guests.
     Selections from the band.
     Solo, Carrol Childs.
     Address, Mr. Burleson.
     Piano Solo, Louis Groskopf.
     Song and Dance, Ramona Lou Rice.
     Business, G.B. Hurley.
     Announcements, J.E. Peery.
  Cowboy Song and Dance,
              Jerry Joe Salyers.
     Toe Dance, Barbara Jean Gibson.
     High Hat Dance: Adagio, Harold
              Gibson and Norma June Bowden.
      Closing hymn, with band accompaniment,
             "God Be With You Till We Meet
   The following officers were elected for the coming year: Arlie Parrott, president; Bruce Malcom, vice-president; Alta Marjorie Stephenson, secretary and treasurer.
     Special mention was made of an alumni, Marshall Clayborne, of Hawaii, who though unable to attend the banquet, made reservations for himself and one guest.
   Those who attended the banquet were:
 Kermit Ratterman, Mary Ellen Kendall, Pauline Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Olney, Mary Ann Eden, Vermadine McMullen, Carol Sprowls, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Peery, Camilla Hurley, Lola Sims, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rowe, Grace Starkey, Louise Phelps,
          (continued next column)

Lawrence Krey, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Durnell, Wilma McDaniel, Glen McCormick, Thaine McCormick, Lucile Dobbins, Mrs. ElMeta Chestnut-Sager, Mr. and Mrs. G.B. Hurley, Mrs. Violet Warren, Mr. and Mrs. T.P. Quayle, Maxine Hefner, Agnes Ann Salzman, Mr. and Mrs. Buster Denton, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Morgan, Mrs. Herman Gray, Wanda Rice, Wanda Rice, Cecil Bush, Elva Bush, Eddie Hale, Juanita Davis, Jossie Howell, Lavern Dewey, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith, Ruth Gilliland, Dale Rowe, Ethel Franklin, J.E. Dobbs, Mr. and Mrs. B.M. Salyer, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Armstrong, Mrs. Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Woodworth, Mr. and Mr. J.W. Burleson, Lenora Baker, Mr. and Mr. Richard Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Tracy, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Peery, Mr. and Mrs. Cheat Mears, Estella Dewey, Geneva Dewey, Wade Caves, Arlie Parrott, Mrs. D. Black, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hill, Ivan Acton, Aurdrey Hill, Mr. and Mrs. W. Roysden, Mr. and Mrs. Cleatus Fitzerald, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bassett, W.M. Irwin, Mrs. Dolly Slemp, Daphne Woods, Maurine Grant, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Hurley, Mrs. Bonnie Edmonston, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Phelps, Mrs. Gene Pond, Harvey Crum, Rathine Haighler, Louis Groskopf, Mr. and Henry Mozer, Robert Wynns, Mr. and Mrs. Dayle Shilling, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Woodworth, Edith McMullen, L.D. Fronberger, Robert Horn, Chester Hatcher, Roberta Johnson, David Branscom, Mr. and Mrs. Tod Davis, Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Gilbert, Arlene Bartling, Iva Ruth McNeil, Mr. and Mrs. Rus Choice, Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Gentry, Milton Shedek, Marietta Copelin, Mrs. Lena Benda, Anna Beth Benda, Paul, Sybil and Lucille McClure, Mrs. Ross Ferguson, Clenard, Kenneth and Willis Wegener, Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Wegener, Margie McAdams, Billie Conn, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Brown, Mrs. Frank Unruh, Florence Verser, Mrs. William Watt, Mr. and Coleman Brown, Clara May Guthery, Pat Phillips, Flo Ingram, Hershel Choice, May and Idella Robbins, McFoster and Newton Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Halley, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ingram, Elmer Kilgore, Zelma and Ramsey Hardy, Mr. and Mrs. Randall Hurley, Archie Groff, Mrs. Taylor, Francis Pravdik, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Robbins, M.L. McFarlin, Jack D. Green, Alta Marjorie Stephenson, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. John Unruh, Rev. E.M. Walker.

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