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   Located about 40 miles southwest of Oklahoma City, or 20 miles north of Chickasha,  on  US Highway 81

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      The town of Minco began as one of the busiest towns in the state of Oklahoma.  It was the end of the railroad from 1891 to 1894, and had a hotel and wagon/camp yard population greater than the town itself, as salesmen, wagon drivers, cowboys, lawmen, and hoodlums came from all directions to sell or obtain supplies and transportation.  There were five livery stables, many hotels, 2 large lumber yards, an opera house, and gunfights.  One hotel became informally known as the "Bloody Bucket Hotel" for its frequent knifings and shootings.  Minco was the rail destination of cattle drives from the south and west for 15-20 years, and the mile long processions were driven though the town in clouds of dust on their way to the massive cattle pens just east of the railroad tracks.  Cattle herds were driven through any of Minco's streets to the railroad pens,  and some ran noisily down main street's board sidewalks, scattering members of the "Spit and Whittle Club".  One steer in a cattle drive managed to rampage through the old Woodworth home more recently owned by by the late Marvin Brown.  (Mrs Woodworth saw to it that Mr Woodworth put up a high board fence within 3 days.) 

     The town was originally included in the Chickasaw Nation, and is believed to be named after the great Chickasaw chief and warrior, Iwatumba Minco ("Minco/Mingo" meaning "chief"), who later acquired the name of  Levi Colbert.

      Today, the town is steadily growing after maintaining an even population over decades.  Although many have left to follow the job market, the town is held dear to all who have ever lived there. 

        This web site and affiliated sites were established for present Mincoans and for those dispersed around the US who wish to maintain contact with their home town and with former classmates. See affiliated web sites for the high school Alumni Association, and the Minco Historical Society.

        Minco news is provided by the Minco Millennium, the weekly newspaper.  Minco needs to support its local  newspaper both for news coverage and a permanent history record for posterity.  One can more readily see this need upon reading the Minco papers from the 1890s to the present in the Oklahoma Historical Society building in Oklahoma City.

         School activity schedules can be viewed at the Minco Public School web site. 

          Be sure to check out the events page and the Old Minco photos.

       LIFETIME LANDMARKS.   (click on picture for larger view)

armory2.jpg (25626 bytes) The old armory.  Built on the site of the El Meta Bond College building that ceased operation in 1920.  The armory was placed on the National Register of Historic Places as of June 30, 2001.
armorypark2.jpg (33689 bytes) The armory park (left) has hosted many group and family picnics since the 1930s.  The park's memorial (right) is dedicated to El Meta Bond College, located there from 1894 to 1920. 
El Meta Bond College Memorial.  The structure always appeals to climbers.

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